Learn the in’s and out’s of the world’s best Enterprise Asset Management System!

EAM Solutions provides onsite or remote training in Infor EAM, including most add-on features and EAM Mobile.

EAM Solutions provides more than just simple how-to training. We brings twenty years of industry experience from nearly every maintenance and operations sector, from manufacturing and facilities management, to healthcare, transportation, and oil & gas.

Our standard classes in Infor EAM include:

Infor EAM Essentials A basic training class in core modules and day-to-day user functions
Infor EAM Configuration Advanced class on application and security configuration for administrators
Start Center Development Introductory class in developing Inbox, KPI, Chart, and Custom Grid queries
Report Development Basic class for using the Advanced Reports Author tool in Infor EAM
Introduction to ION Introductory class for implementing ION with Infor EAM and Databridge