RFID Implementation and Integration

RFID clear tag

RFID Drives Automation of Asset Management

Gain visibility into every corner of your operations.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology automates tracking and visibility of assets and inventory across a wide range of industries and organizations—from manufacturing and distribution to retail and healthcare. By automating visibility, organizations can more effectively manage and optimize their critical assets, streamline operations, and create more efficient workflows.

Advantage RFID



  • Line of sight is not required; tags can be captured anywhere within range of a reader
  • High throughput with the ability to read multiple tags at once
  • Tag visibility or orientation does not matter
  • Tags scanned automatically with no manual intervention
  • Data can be updated on the fl
  • Highly secure; data can be password protected and encrypted



Barcode tag
  • Traditional barcodes must be passed within the fixed range of the scanner
  • Low throughput with only one barcode read at a time
  • Barcode must be visible and properly oriented
  • Usually requires manual scanning
  • Read-only capability
  • Low level of security; easy to reproduce

RFID by the Numbers

HxGN-RFID-apparel icon-200w

10+ Billion

RFID apparel tags used in 20191

HxGN-RFID-payment icon-200w

2.3 Billion

contactless payment, transit, and secure access cards in use in 20191

HxGN-RFID-global icon-200w

$24.5 Billion

projected size of the global market for RFID tags in 20202

HxGN-RFID-US healthcare icon-200w

$8.8 Billion

forecast value of the United States’ RFID healthcare market in 20213

HxGN-RFID-healthcare icon-200w


projected growth in global spending on RFID in healthcare from 2016 to 20213

HxGN-RFID-grocery icon-200w


share of 2019 US grocers who had strong interest in real time reporting technology4

RFID-Smart Supply Chain

The Smart Supply Chain

RFID improves efficiency throughout the supply chain, providing
real-time visibility that improves decision-making and prevents trouble
before it happens.

  • Parts and inventory usage monitored in real time
  • Packages automatically scanned and tracked as inventory moves through the system
  • Status, location, and inventory of assets updated in real time
RFID-Information On Demand

Information On Demand

  • Worn and old equipment is instantly identifiable
  • Mistakes can be avoided by selecting the right equipment
  • Equipment history and information on demand.
RFID-Tracking Hospital Assets

Tracking Hospital Assets

Using RFID technology makes it easier for hospitals to track the location
and status of everything from scrubs and PPE to surgical kits and medical

  • Surgical supplies are automatically monitored and resupplied
  • Specialized RFID tags withstand repeated autoclave sterilization
  • RFID tags help administrators understand and improve device utilization

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