When software is not a process

HxGN EAM Enables Your Business Processes

The pattern is familiar to anyone who has ever been involved with a software project.

You source, buy and install the software. Your team is chosen for configuration, special technical tasks, and end-user training. At the end of the project, the system is deployed and management is happy.

Except that the software isn’t delivering the results management expected, and daily tasks have moved from difficult (pre-project) to nightmare (post-project).

The key ingredient missing from this recipe is a clear direction set by a concise set of business process charts, and a set of charts everyone can agree on.

Software in and of itself is not a process, even if you can setup workflow and authorizations.

Your team must work together to identify needed processes, design and document new processes, and deliver a cohesive document for use as a blueprint for configuration.

At the beginning of all software projects, and even at the start of sub-projects (such as “system integration”) your team needs to come together to identify how the business operates, how the system can support these processes, and who is responsible for steps along the way. This will allow you to conform the enterprise software, such as HxGN EAM, to how your company does business, instead of forcing the business into conforming to out-of-the-box configuration.

With HxGN EAM you need to identify all areas affected by the software, including:

  • Asset life cycle management
  • Work orders and preventive maintenance schedules
  • Inventory controls for spare parts
  • Requisition to PO process, including AP, even if done outside of HxGN EAM
  • Ongoing application administration

Once you identify processes affected by HxGN EAM, the work for your team really begins – now you need to start thinking about steps and decisions points. Each process step needs to be identified, charted, and related to other process steps and decision points.


How does a project team get to this state?

The answer is fairly simple – tribal knowledge.

Everyone associated with the deployment team knows a specific job and assumes everyone else understands how business is conducted. The old process works and another assumption is made – this is the best process to support with HxGN EAM.

No one has taken the time to bring together all of the current processes into a single document, and the thought of creating new business processes is enough to drive off most team members.

Consensus will be the most daunting task, and your team will need a leader for each session. Subject matter experts (SME) will also be needed to help clarify process steps, including what’s really needed, and what can be eliminated.

EAM Solutions can guide your team through this process. Our consultants work with a proven method and toolset to help customers build and implement effective business processes. In turn, your team gets credit for helping make business more efficient, and HxGN EAM effective and easy to use.