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We can help you optimize how you handle assets, inventory, and work order management.

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Our certified consultants bring to you lessons learned and proven techniques for implementing world class maintenance software.

You need a good plan before your end-users start tracking equipment, writing work orders,or issuing spare parts. Infor EAM is a more complex system, and a good plan will make you successful.

Our experts at EAM Solutions bring to you more than a century of experience, examples, and case studies with Infor EAM, MP2, and other applications.

We specialize in project management, system installation, application configuration, data conversion, system integration, and training.

Our projects always start with a meeting to talk with you about your needs and business goals. We take that information and build a plan - and partner with your team throughout the Infor EAM project.


You need a blueprint for building a great system, and we can help you design an effective system for maintenance and asset management.

A good software project must have a blue print, just like any construction project. Our consultants use a proven method to help you define, document, and implement a clear, concise business process with Infor EAM.

A good business process gives you:

Instead of piling work on just a few people in your company, let us help you build a thorough and reasonable business process for tracking your assets and work orders.


You can save money by just knowing where to find your repairable assets and the spare parts needed to keep them running.

Before any good software project gets started - even before a consultant installs the software - you need to build an asset and spare parts inventory.

But this can be frustrating and time consuming.

Our consultants have decades of experience helping customers locate and document production and facilities equipment, as well as nameplate and other relevant information.

We also have helped customers clean, sort, organize, and label part stores, cribs, warehouses, and other places where MRO may be found.

Once you have a clean list of the equipment and parts you need to track, Infor EAM will help you keep up with everything you need to run your business.


You need to know more than just what you see in the system  -  you need reports, analyses, and answers.

We care about how you report on maintenance costs and other analytics that guide your decision making.

EAM Solutions will sit down with your team to help determine what kinds of reports and reporting tools you need to maintain your operation, including:

Our Business Intelligence experts can help you list, design, and deploy custom reports, KPI’s, analytic charts, and even a dashboard for what you need to know.


You need stability when working in Infor EAM, and when integrating to other applications. We can also provide custom configuration to meet your process needs.

Our team of technical consultants are certified and experienced in supporting Infor EAM and the technical environment you need to be successful. We provide:

Our team is certified by Infor to support your technical needs, whether simple Flex SQL business rules, or complex integration in support of your infrastructure.


Good training and follow-up ensure a successful software implementation. We know, because we deliver the best.

We have proven methods for engaging your users, including one-to-one, classroom, and Web-based training sessions.

Our training style is targeted to help students in their daily tasks, and we can provide custom training materials to support your end-users.

Our training method is about the practical and immediate needs of your team. We always follow-up with go-live assistance and refresher courses long after everyone is using Infor EAM.