Aligning People, Equipment and Systems


Whether an office complex, university, or even an entire city, we understand your needs in facilities maintenance.

Facilities  and city maintenance management requires a customer oriented focus, and EAM Solutions consultants understand the difficulties facing a facilities maintenance group. Whether in an office building, school campus, airport, or municipal offices - including Public Works - we can help cut costs and reduce customer complaints in your facility through Infor EAM.


Healthcare organizations and medical manufacturers face a difficult process with a myriad of regulations and requirements.

Healthcare organizations require tight privacy controls, complete documentation, and traceability. Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers must meet similar standards in their maintenance practice. The EAM Solutions team has decades of experience helping clients stay compliant.


From the start, Infor EAM is designed for manufacturing, whether discrete, assembly, machine tool, or automotive.

Infor EAM brings electronic work orders to the production and shop floors to streamline the maintenance process. Integration with production controls helps automate work order generation, and a solid Preventive Maintenance program will extend the life of manufacturing equipment.


From exploration and drilling, to transport, refining, and distribution - our consultants will help your team  maintain a safe and effective operation.

The energy industry covers a vast array of equipment, from  putting holes into the ground, to filling tanks with fuel - or even supplying raw materials for ceramics and other manufacturing groups. We will help you, from discovery to distribution.


Getting people and goods from one place to another, safely, and on-time is a challenge that we can help you meet.

Whether 18-wheel trucks or heavy mobile equipment on runways or construction sites, our team of experts will help you manage and maintain your fleet of vehicles. Our consultants understand the complexity of moving people, goods, and raw materials, and we can help keep you moving in Infor EAM.


A keystone in the economy is the automotive market, and we are there to help you keep up a world-class maintenance shop.

The automotive industry, including all of the companies who supply components to the big automakers, have a special set of safety and regulatory needs.

The EAM Solutions team has helped companies meet regulatory, safety, and supply needs through Infor EAM.


EAM Solutions provides decades of practical industry experience

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