Aligning People, Equipment and Systems


LevelSet: The Assessment Designed to Help You Enhance Your Maintenance Program

Why Business as Usual?

For more than a century, maintenance has been “business as usual.”

Equipment is down, people are sent out, and repairs are made. But is this really the end of your maintenance program?

Over the last few decades, our consultants have found that “file cabinet” maintenance - or just keeping record of what’s done - is not effective.

And this will hurt the company
bottom line.Maintenance technician

Our consultants have always asked the questions:

How do you work with other departments?

Are you comfortable with computers?

How does maintenance affect profitability?

Now is the time to get answers to these questions, and make your maintenance program not only efficient, but effective in your company.

It’s in the Details…

EAM Solutions consultants have helped hundreds of businesses and municipal groups enhance the business of equipment maintenance.

Our experts will talk with your maintenance group, as well as anyone who has a stake in good equipment maintenance, to get to the heart of the matter, including:

We not only analyze your Final Report Imagemaintenance program, but develop a plan to make maintenance more effective.

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Any consultant can walk into your maintenance department and write a report - but key facts will always be missing.

With a scorecard as a guide, our consultants will ask leading and probing questions to help determine how to make your maintenance program more effective.

The LevelSet Scorecard gives you instant results, and a foundation for making good decisions about skills, communication, processes, and even compliance to regulatory groups.

Let our team of experts come onsite to help you get the most from your maintenance organization.

Can you see the big picture to enhance your maintenance program?