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Infor EAM is a full web application - which means simpler access for end-users, and easier administration for your IT group.

Infor EAM is a fully web-designed application with multi-site and warehouse capability. All custom configuration upgrades with the application, including custom  reports, and adding new sites to the application is as simple as uploading data.

Through integration with the ION suite of tools, you can tie Infor EAM to nearly any relevant package, including ERP, HCM, SCM, or production controls.


Infor EAM has what you need, from  tracking repairable equipment and work orders, to scheduling, spare parts inventory, and even employee training records.

You need more than just a record keeping system, and that’s all most CMMS applications are - electronic file cabinets and virtual notepads.

Infor EAM lets you develop a real process for managing work orders and equipment lifecycle.

You also get a full history on your repairable assets, from the point you evaluate what you need, through commissioning and maintenance, to the final end-of-life decision.

To support your equipment and work order management, Infor EAM provides a full spare parts inventory, with automatic reorders and requisitions. You can even track maintenance employee training and schedules.

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EAM Solutions provides decades of expert consulting experience for Infor EAM, MP2, and add-on products


At the beginning of the 21st Century, MP2 was the leading CMMS application in the world, but you may need to move to something more contemporary - and functional. And compliant.

EAM Solutions can help you move from MP2 to Infor EAM - or any other system. Whether you have MP2 on an MS Access, MS SQL, or Oracle database, our technical experts can help you clean and import data into your new asset management software.

Our technical and functional consultants understand MP2 complexities, including table structures, custom reports, and even current system integration.

Contact us at EAM Solutions to help you move from MP2 to a world-class maintenance management solution.

Infor EAM is developed in HTML 5 with Java components, making it accessible through your browser of choice, including Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or even Safari.

As a web-based product, you can quickly deploy Infor EAM just by releasing the website address to your end-users.

You can also deploy EAM work orders through iOS and Android devices, expanding your capabilities.


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